Dilgert House

919 Atchison Street


Keli's historic and deliciously spirited "antique" house at 919 Atchison St. in Atchison, KS, will be completely rehabbed and ready to receive visitors late 2019.  The house is wrapped in rich history woven into the wild scandalous past of Atchison. There is a perplexing "mystery" stone in the yard, other strange stuff found around the house during the rehab, and  bizarre activity in the house reported by workmen during renovation, especially in the basement.  Rob, Keli and others have had some very interesting experiences in the house, some a bit frightening but NOTHING "evil" or "demonic."

There are at least 7 otherworldy "inhabitants" in the house with very interesting personalities, 4 on the main level and 3 in the basement.   The spirits of Adam, wife Mary, his daughter Barbara (we call her "Babs") and his great-niece, Frances V. Dilgert ("Frannie V."), let themselves be known on the main level, this floor feeling invitingly "spirited," not thick like the basement.

As active as the house is, with bizarre and sometimes startling activity, no one has ever been harmed by anything or anyone in the house.  There is nothing evil or malevolent in the house.  Cranky, confused and ill-tempered perhaps.  You may hear them, see them, or "feel" them.  Keli, Rob and others have been temporarily frightened by some activity in the house, HOWEVER, when you realize that it is simply another dimension overlaying ours, and perhaps we are the "ghosts" to them, it is nothing to be frightened of.  Keli and Rob have gotten used to the spirits letting them know they are present in the house.  Then there are other visitors who run out after an experience in the house, terrified, imaginations running wild.  Oh well.

The Adams Family Paranormal team does NOT embrace evil demonic spirits, taunting or provoking, creating fear of the unknown that doesn't need to be there.  They simply research scientifically with curiosity, a sense of adventure and fun.  Evil is created in the minds of man.    

Built by one of Atchison's first contractors, bridge builders and stone masons, Adam Dilgert, a hearty 300-lb. German, was very well-respected and had a hand in almost all the bridges, buildings, foundations, and stonework in Atchison from 1866-1894.  He built his solid modest family home at 919 Atchison St. in 1880. There was an addition to the house done around 1895 and another around 1905. Rich in history, scandal and the juicy "wild" west of Atchison, the house has her own stories to tell.  Keli Adams, psychic medium, author, and founder of The Adams Family Paranormal, bought the house in 2014, restoring her back to her historic beauty.

The energy of the main floor of the house is very sweet, innocent and inviting. We attribute that to Barbara, Adam's daughter, who died in the home in 1884 at the age of 18, and the bubbly, much-loved, young Frances V. Dilgert (we call her "Frannie V"), Adam's great niece, who spent a great deal of time in the home as a child. Various workmen who have worked on the house for the past 5 years restoring the comfortable home back to her simple original beauty, have commented that there is "something about the house" that made them want to do a good job for her, looking forward to working on the place.  Then there were those who wouldn't work in the basement after having "something" happen down there.  Lightbulbs blow out constantly, shadow people are seen, goosebumps and a sense you are being watched are common.   One room in the basement seems heavier than the others, an interdimensional doorway or portal centered under the floor. 

  Keli's book,"Atchison, Kansas-Portal to Other Worlds" is available online or at the Atchison Visitor's center at Santa Fe Depot, along with copies of Keli's 6 other books.

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