Cool "stuff"

Ghosties in Maine


While doing an investigation at a 265-yr-old sea captain's house in Maine, we got these images from cemetery up the hill across the street.


You can see all the detail more clearly in the reverse negative. I call it the "bat" ecto, and a sense that it is very protective of children. The grave in front of them was of an 18-month-old baby boy.

The Captain?


Look closely.

Walking up the lane to the cemetery


Big orb over my head, as well as another one in the right of photo

Cathedral Spirits


During a visit to St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. The Irish orbs were smiling.

Just one of those days...


Sometimes you just have to let go of "senseless" to come to your senses.


The Eva Call

Keli has done some live radio in Yuma, AZ, connecting callers with departed loved ones. "Eva" called in to speak with her friend Dennis. 3 voices came through during the call. Listen closely. Hear entire call- then call without distortions-then the 3 voices broken out and repeated individually.

The Muchnic in Atchison


Rob during a daytime "recon." Notice anything near the ceiling in the corner?

And then it was gone...


Where did it go? This was taken with 2 seconds after the first one.



Taken during a night investigation in a cemetery near Atchison. The ghostly figure on the right wasn't noticed by investigators at the time, and not seen until images reviewed. It was NOT photoshopped.

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, SD


Keli was on a private tour of the "wild" side of the magnificent wild horse sanctuary outside of Dripping Springs, SD, this July. She got a photo of this beautiful "new" appaloosa baby out of the front windshield.

A second later


Not looking for anything paranormal on her amazing stay with 750 wild mustangs living free and cared for in their natural habitat, Keli didn't notice the misty form in the background until she got back to NC. You can't see it very well in the photo here but it is obvious on her phone. She went back in August with her K2 to revisit the area. Going to the exact spot of the mist, the K2 went crazy and was more active than Keli has seen in over 30 years of investigating. An amazing  conversation went on between her "horsewoman" guide and what turned out to be the spirit of a magnificant 2nd generation black and white appaloosa, whose parents had been brought over by Russian sailors in the 1700's. This little brown/white appy is a descendant, born just a week before Keli's first visit. Ironically this baby is the only appaloosa over on the wild side, the caretakers wondering how that happened.

The Proud White-Maned Russian


Even though this isn't the grand Russian appaloosa stallion in the mist at the sanctuary, he intuited that this image is close enough to what he looks like. Magnificent. Other images were captured that day during Keli's second visit, with a LOT more activity on the K2. So much history in SD with the gold rush, Indians, Custer, and a wild frontier. PLEASE take your family/friends and visit the Sanctuary, stay right there on the property, and revel in the heart, spirit and beauty of these animals living free up close. It is the only sanctuary in the world like it, rescuing mustangs from all over the country that would otherwise be butchered for dog food. The compassion, love and stewardship of everyone associated with the sanctuary toward protecting these magnificent creatures and keeping them free is palpable. I have included a link below for you to visit and learn more. I will be going back next year, perhaps with a group, to continue my paranormal investigation.

the link photo below was taken of a beautiful moonset at around 4:45 in the morning in July. This is the "back yard" of the prairie cottage where Keli stayed.

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary


Keli took this photo of the moon setting at around 4:45 on a cool quiet July morning  while sipping a cup of hot coffee, marveling at the beauty of her "back yard" at the prairie cottage where she stayed.