What does PARANORMAL mean?


PARANORMAL quite simply is a big "catch-all" word that implies anything that is beyond, or outside the norm, or not proven scientifically...yet. Once something is accepted "scientifically," it is no longer considered paranormal.

Ghost hunting is just one facet of paranormal research.

Paranormal includes (but is by no means, limited to), parapsychology (ESP, telekinesis, etc.), mediumship and spirit communication, psychic phenomenon, UFO's, crop circles, crypto-zoology (Sasquatch and other strange animals, etc.), "alternative medicine and energy healing, astral projection, remote viewing, the list goes on and on.

The Adams Family Paranormal does not restrict itself to just investigating ghosts and haunted places. Our curiosity drives us to research all facets of the unusual and the "curious." Why?  Why not? The universe is a great and wondrous quantum playground. We are limited only by our own beliefs. Come along with us as we investigate the interesting, be curious about the curious, don't take anything too seriously and have serious fun exploring...whatever or wherever that may be. ROAD TRIP!!