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Keli Adams

Keli is a highly gifted energy healer, author, and psychic/medium, with over 30 years of extensive practice in many modalities. As a result of her terrifying childhood and an insatiable curiosity, she has been interested in the paranormal since her early teens. Founder and lead investigator of The Adams Family Paranormal (AFP), Keli loves to explore the vast playground of the unknown, and showing others how to "play."

Rob Adams

Keli's youngest brother, Rob, is an investigator and lead tech for AFP. He and Keli have been working together as a team exploring the paranormal for over 15 years. Retired navy veteran with an engineering background and extensive studies and degrees in metaphysical studies, Rob has also been a host for Atchison, KS haunted and history trolley tours, as well as Sallie's House tours/investigations in Atchison

Dilgert House

Keli's historic and deliciously spirited "antique" house at 919 Atchison St. in Atchison, KS, will be completely rehabbed and ready to receive visitors fall of 2018. The house was built by well-known German contractor/builder/stonemason, "Big" Adam Dilgert, in the early 1880's. The house is wrapped in rich history woven into the wild scandalous past of Atchison. There is a perplexing "mystery" stone in the yard, other strange stuff found around the house during the rehab, and  bizarre activity in the house reported by workmen during renovation. There are at least 4 otherworldy "inhabitants" in the house with very interesting personalities.

Tours of the property led exclusively by either Keli or Rob will begin in fall of 2018. AFP will be planning ghost hunting 101 classes with mini investigations of the house beginning in 2019; especially the deliciously "active" basement.  There may be a sleepover or two planned.

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